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Thursday, January 27

Successful Surgery and The Boredom

The surgery was a success.  I have two small incisions which I am thankful for.  My orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Scott "Tosh" Atkins, is wonderful.  He is part of the UOC group here in Tuscaloosa and I highly recommend him for any type of orthopaedic surgery.  I did have a small reaction to the morphine.  I've had morphine before but this is the first time I had a reaction.  I'm in more pain today than yesterday since all of the good pain medicine has worn off and the swelling and bruising is pretty bad.  So, they gave told me to keep my arm elevated as much as possible. 

Here is a before picture of my cyst.  We have nicknamed it "The Alien" since it appeared overnight.

Here is an after picture and yes I am in my PJ's...sorry about that.  :)

The biggest thing is that boredom is starting to set in, so I decided to attempt to do a post one-handed.  I seem to have a hard time sitting still.  It is so quiet at home since William has been staying with his Grammie.  She is going to bring him over today so I can see him.  The first night my Grandmother and William both spent the night with my Mom so she could be with me during the surgery.  William was so excited that he was getting to have a spend-the-night party with Grandmother.  He loves her so much!  I so wish I had some video from that night because I am sure it was priceless! 

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