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About Our Family

Our Two-Legged Family Members

 I am Ashley and I'm 35 years old.  I am happily married to David.  I'm a mommy to a precious 3 year old boy and a buisness analyst for a insurance software company.  In addition, I am a Mary Kay independant consultant.  I graduated from the University of Alabama in 2000 with a degree in Management Information Systems and a minor in Computer Science.  I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, photography, knitting, painting and blogging.

David is 37 years old and is my very best friends and a sales manager at an automobile dealership.  He enjoys spending time with William, hanging out with his friends and family, boating, playing golf and hunting.  David and I met in August 2004.  He proposed to me at Anna Ruby Falls in Helen, GA on my birthday, November 7, 2005.  We were married a little over a year later on November 11th. 

William is 3 years old and is full of energy and cute-as-a button comments.  He loves monster trucks, motorcycles, Nick Jr., sliding, playing baseball, drawing/coloring and playing with my iPad. 
He amazes me every single day.  He is such a smart little boy who knows the entire alphabet; how to count to 20; how to spell his name and a few other small words; and I believe might just have a photographic memory!

Our Four-Legged Family Members
Lexie (a.k.a. Purr Boat) is our 11 year old white Persian cat.  She loves playing with Lil' Knot, having her ears rubbed and napping in the bathroom sink.  I purchased Lexie from a breeder in South Georgia.  As it turns out the breader was not as good as I was told she was.  Lexie had a bad terrible intestinal parasite that almost killed her.  I spent the majority of a year going to various vets to find out what was making her so sick.  I didn't have any luck with the vets, so I started researching myself and found that heartworm medication for dogs would kill the parasites that she had.  I called the vet and told him what I had found and it worked!!!

Maddie (a.k.a Knothead & Maddie-Mo) is our 6 year old Yorkshire Terrier.  She loves playing with William, playing with socks and snuggling with me.  Maddie was a gift from David.  At the time, I had another Yorkie, Gracie, that I wanted a companion for.  Gracie and Maddie were best friends, and Gracie taught Maddie how to be a perfect little Yorkie.  Unfortunately, Gracie passed away a little over a year ago and is missed by everyone, but I believe that Maddie misses her the most.

Lil' Knot (a.k.a. Kitty) is our adpoted Egyptian Mau kitty.  She was named after Maddie's nickname.  Lil' Knot actually found us.  She appeared on our porch at our apartment when we first moved to Alabama in 2006.  She was extremely tiny and was unable to walk.  I am sure that she probably wouldn't have made it another day if she hadn't met us.  I am a huge animal lover and scooped her up, gave her food and water and a nice warm bath.  I promised her that I would always take care of her and I really think that she remembers that.

Harley (a.k.a Hell Dog, Harley-Marley) is 2 years old and the newest member of our four-legged family.  She is a Siberian Husky with one blue eye and one half-green/half-blue eye.  Harley has her good and bad moments.  Some of the bad moments would be when she ate the carpet, the hardwood floors and my pillow.  She also likes to "borrow" William's toys from time to time.  Some of her good moments are when she plays and loves on William and when she cuddles up with me at night.  Yes, she is a big dog, but she still thinks that she is a little puppy that can sit in my lap.